The new is now live!

After a short time in private beta, another short time in public beta, lots of bug squashing, and a few UX overhauls, the new is now live! Sign in and tell us what you think.

We hope you like it.

This, as has been said previously, is just the beginning. Exciting things are coming. Here's just a few of them:

  • A new resources portal with more comprehensive documentation, API references, and guides.

  • An elements catalogue, with documentation and demos of all of Simpla's custom elements. This will allow us to easily add new elements and start opening up element authoring to the community.

  • A v2 of Simpla's core SDK is on its way, which makes interacting with Simpla and your content much more powerful.

  • Opening up Simpla's RESTful interface, including a platform API that will allow you to manage projects and users programatically.

  • Lots of new elements - collections, articles, and more.