The all new, now in public beta

Note: The new is now live! Login at

It seems like just yesterday we were announcing the v1 release of the Simpla platform, and today we are thrilled to introduce a whole new, live in public beta.

New Simpla dashboard

Some of the major changes are outlined below, but if you want to dive straight in just head to your new dashboard at Try it out, and please tell us what you think. Feedback is gold.

A new design

Not a panel has been left untweaked or a function untouched in the new dashboard. Even our brand blue has been refined.

With this release we're working towards a consistent and mature design language for the Simpla ecosystem. Taking the core material metaphor of Google's Material Design spec, while placing a stronger emphasis on content and simplicity. We hope you like it.

Multi-user support

It’s finally here. We worked long and hard to get this right, and we’re pretty happy with the outcome. You can now invite others to collaborate with you on your projects, and also transfer ownership to someone else - perfect for handing off a site to a client.

Multi-user support in Simpla

More flexible pricing

We've reworked Simpla's pricing to better suit our users. There are now only two plans, Lite and Production.

The Lite plan replaces the current Free plan, and is perfect for sites in development. It includes up to 3 collaborators and 50,000 monthly API calls for free.

The Production plan starts at $9 per month, and is designed to support you as you grow. You can add an unlimited number of collaborators, and included API calls scale from 250,000 right up to 20,000,000 per month.

New pricing plans

If your project is currently on the Free plan, there’s nothing you need to do. You can upgrade to Production any time. If you have sites on Starter or Business, you can continue using your current plan for as long as you like, and switch to the more flexible Production plan when you’re ready.

Making Simpla more approachable

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we've heard from new users has been “I’ve signed up, now I don’t know what to do”. This is exactly what you don't want when picking up a new tool, so the new puts an emphasis on approachability.

Now when you create a new project, instead of a blank dashboard you are shown a setup screen with all the code snippets you need, along with a status indicator to determine if project has been setup successfully.

In-app setup guides

And what's a new tool if you can't make it your own? Now you can set custom icons for the projects in your account, for no other reason than it’s nice to do so.

The future

The new is all about laying foundations for the future. The platform is ready to grow, and we have some very, very exciting plans.

Login to your new dashboard at and let us know what you think - on Slack, Twitter, or at [email protected].