Hacking on Simpla

We held our first mini-hackathon for Simpla last week. The goal was to get feedback from new users on our recently launched v1. And while only a small event, we had heaps of fun and learnt a lot from it.

Simpla’s mini-hack

We learnt, for example, that Simpla’s onboarding process is broken. Almost everyone had a moment of confusion after signing up. Instead of guiding new users, Simpla leaves them sitting staring at their new dashboard wondering what to do next. That’s not a great first experience to have.

To fix this we are going to experiment with an optional onboarding guide, so new users will immediately know how to get started with Simpla. We’re also in the process of expanding Simpla’s documentation into more comprehensive developer resources - getting started guides, starter kits, full API references, FAQs, and more.

What was your first experience with Simpla like? How would you like to see it improve? Let us know at

Simpla’s first community template

The winner of Simpla’s mini-hack, Brendan from SkyGrid, built an awesome template for those getting started with Simpla.

Start Simpla + Bootstrap

Get the template on GitHub.

The template is based on Freelancer from Start Bootstrap. All the content has been made editable with Simpla. Section titles are linked to header navigation using gids. And there’s even global site settings, built using Simpla’s brand new Observe() SDK features (documentation coming soon).

Thanks to all that came to Simpla’s first hackathon, we’ll be having many more in future!